Sanitary Registrations

Sanitary Registries go hand in hand with intellectual property, and as such are a requirement for the marketing of every product in most countries.

Technically, sanitary registrations are an authorization that all products for human or animal use/consumption must have, as well as medicinal products. Buying a product that does not indicate said registration means that as a consumer you do not know the origin of these goods and their manufacturing processes, which in turn results in a high risk for humans and animals since these products may contain lethal microorganisms.

Each product must be subjected to microbiological and physicochemical tests where by means of technical reports the quality of the products and its optimal useful life are guaranteed (prior to the application for sanitary registration).

  • The sanitary registry represents an absolute requirement for the importation and marketing of products, it is an intangible asset that provides added value to the product and at the same time provides each product with more competitiveness in the market, making it easier to position your company and products.
  • It is a guarantee that accredits the company and certifies that its products are safe for consumption and use, with high standards of marketing, import, export and distribution.
  • In addition to the above, a product that has the sanitary registry gives the consumer certainty and safety that is a quality product.

If your products do not have sanitary registration they can be confiscated and destroyed by the competent authorities. In the case of products confiscated in customs, these will be prohibited for import, which at the time represents significant monetary losses for your company.

A sanitary registry is required by large distribution companies, supermarkets so that this can consequently prevent the loss of products.

Lara IP has a consolidated Department of Sanitary Registries where we are able to assist you in registering your products of the following natures: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food of all kinds, medicine for animals, medical material, pesticides, natural nutrients, natural products of all nature, agrochemicals, chemical products, biomedical material, over-the- counter products (among others).

Government entities that regulate and process sanitary registration applications usually implement changes in processes and requirements, so it is advisable to obtain adequate legal advice to obtain and maintain your sanitary registrations. Our technical staff in various areas such as pharmaceutical chemists, veterinary and farm products also have an impressive experience that allows them to comply with the requirements of the authorities.

We enter new applications and complete them. We take representation of pending applications

and we finalize them. All that is required are the registration details, the corresponding labels, and some additional information..

We prepare, enter, and coordinate with the entities and simultaneously keep them abreast of the latest advances.

The fact that we are attorneys, in addition to being assisted by technical staff makes us the ideal provider of this service, since you will receive a comprehensive professional advice.

Our professionals are able to advise you in the introduction, all processes, and to enter requirements and strategies in many countries.